The Facts About What Are Backlinks In Search Engine Marketing? Uncovered

Published Nov 25, 21
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Backlinks: Definition And Resource

This happens through a “do-follow” link. The “do-follow” aspect comes from a command in the tag that omits the rel=nofollow tag. Here is an example from : In the example above, the link will be followed because there is not a rel=nofollow in the tag. It may seem a bit confusing, but there must be a way to tell the robots not to follow or “count” a link.

There have not been any conclusive studies to indicate if this is the case. More information on the HMTL code of a backlink can be found on Google’s Webmaster Support here. There are a number of other factors that constitute a good link, but based on current information, the links won’t add significant value if they are no-followed.

Position of the link The best links are in the body of the content and need to actually be put in the copy by the webmaster. Links in the comments, footers, or headers of a page are usually seen as spammy and ultimately dangerous (link building techniques). This is a result of SEO’s stuffing links in these sections of a website.

Backlinks: What They Are And What They Do

Hidden links are especially dangerous as it is a clear sign of an attempt to trick the robot into counting links that the user cannot see. Domain Authority (DA) of the website giving the link DA is a made up metric (from 1-100) that Moz uses to score the domain as a whole.

We use DA as our metric, but there are others, such as Ahref’s Domain Rating, Semrush’s authority score and Majestic’s Citation and Trust Flow. In addition to DA, Page Authority (PA), or strength of an individual page, is also an important factor in a link’s strength (best link building tool). However, in general, the higher the DA, the better the link.

Authority & Relevancy of Link Building At Inseev, we follow the theory that good backlinks help a website and bad links do not. We personally believe in this philosophy: “Earn backlinks from websites that are authoritative and relevant to your industry.” Domain Authority While we already covered the value of a link.

What Are Backlinks? And How To Build Them In 2021

Keep in mind that these metrics are generated by 3rd party tools with the intention of recreating how we think Google is interpreting a website’s authority. There is some important information to know about the page that is linking to you. Page Authority & Relevancy Pages with rankings are better to get links from.

The moral of the story here is do not build spammy links. More information on Penguin from Search Engine Land can be found here. Authority Tools for Link Building While we leverage Moz’s DA for our strength scoring, we also leverage other tools to understand the power of a link: Semrush: To understand if a page has keyword rankings.

Exercise: find a linkable asset and target group to pitch. Pro Tip: Consider creating a linkable asset with the intention of using it as part of your strategy. This will allow you to create a piece that’s perfectly catered to your approach. Prospecting is the practice of finding the right website and person to reach out to.

What Are Backlinks And What Are They For?

For example, if you are trying to pitch a linkable asset about flowers as a resource, your prospecting strategy will likely be focused around flower groups with “resource” pages - link building tips. We will go over prospecting in more detail below. A link building campaign is only as good as the pitch. Without a clear pitch, the webmaster will not know what to do.

BacklinkWhat Are Backlinks & Why Do I Need Them?

Linkable Assets Let’s start with linkable assets. As mentioned above a linkable asset is something that you are planning to pitch out to a webmaster. However, linkable assets need to have a specific set of criteria in order to be successful. Source: Moz. com First, the linkable asset should not be overly promotional.

Any piece that is promoting a service will be viewed as an ad and will likely result in the webmaster asking for money or directing you to their advertising department. The exception here is the homepage as a linkable asset. Taking the same example as above, a financial product website will serve as a resource for a list of sites with that specific financial product.

What Are Backlinks And Why Do They Matter To Your Seo?

Creating good content is hard. However, link builders must either find a page worth sharing or create a value proposition that demonstrates the merit of a piece to the target webmaster. Let’s look at an example from Guava Family’s Travel Crib: They have a portable travel crib that is actually pretty awesome.

In fact, this page may even be seen as too promotional because it is directly trying to sell the product. In comes the value proposition. Any page can become a linkable asset if the value proposition fits the target website. What makes this page a great resource from a parent’s perspective? Portability Non-toxic Free trial Certified There are more, but you get the point.

If we take the non-toxic route, we can look for people writing about non-toxic products for their children. There are likely groups that have resources we can pitch to. We could potentially create a campaign out of this. We would then need to prospect for link building opportunities. Prospecting for Opportunities As mentioned above, prospecting is the art of finding opportunities.

What Are Backlinks? (And How To Earn Backlinks In 2021)

What Are Backlinks?What Are Backlinks & Why Do I Need Them?

At Inseev, our prospecting is not complete until we have the right page, the right contact, and the right pitch. The right target page for a backlink Where should our asset go on the target domain? This is the tricky part. If we want to scale our link building operation, we need a way to quickly find the right pages where our link could go.